Saturday, January 12, 2013

Contoh Narrative Text : legend of sangkuriang

legend of sangkuriang

once, there was a kingdom in priangan land. lived a contented family. they actually were a father in sort of dog, his name is tumang, a mother that was known as is dayang sumbi, and a toddler that was known as sangkuriang.

in the future, dayang sumbi asked her son to firmly go hunting with his pretty dog, tumang. once hunting all day long, sangkuriang began desperate and worried as a result of he hunted no deer. then he thought to firmly shot his own dog. then he took the dog liver and carried home.

soon dayang sumbi found out that it was actually not deer lever other then tumangs, his own dog. thus, she was terribly angry and hit sangkuriangs head. for the reason that incident, sangkuriang got wounded and scar then solid far away from their home.

years go bye, sangkuriang had travel many places and finally arrived with a village. he met a beautiful lady and felt in love along with her. when they actually were discussing their wedding plans, the lady looked for the wound in sangkuriangs head. it matched to firmly her sons wound who had left severall years earlier. soon she realized that she felt in love along with her own son.

she couldnt marry him other then how to convey it. then, she found the means. she required a lake but a boat for celebrating their wedding day. sangkuriang had to help make them in one night. he built a lake. by having dawn simply moment away and also the boat was virtually complete. dayang sumbi had to prevent it. then, she lit along the eastern horizon with flashes of lightweight. it created the cock crowed to produce a new day.

sangkuriang failed to firmly marry her. she was terribly angry and kicked the boat. it felt over and have become the mountain of tangkuban perahu bandung.

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