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Contoh Narrative Text : legend of malin kundang

legend of malin kundang

a very long time ago, within the tiny village close to the beach in west sumatra, a lady and her son lived. they will were malin kundang and her mother. her mother was one parent as a result of malin kundangs father had handed when he was a baby. malin kundang had to firmly live onerous with his mother.

malin kundang was the most appropriate, dilligent, and sturdy boy. he typically visited ocean to firmly catch fish. once obtaining fish he would bring it to firmly his mother, or sold the caught fish within the city.

at some point, when malin kundang was sailing, he saw a merchants ship that was being raided by atiny low band of pirates. he helped the merchant. with his brave and power, malin kundang defeated the pirates. the merchant was thus happy and thanked to firmly him. in come the merchant asked malin kundang to firmly sail with him. for getting a stronger life, malin kundang agreed. he left his mother alone.

many years later, malin kundang became wealthy. he had a large ship and was helped by most ship crews loading trading goods. perfectly he enjoyed a beautiful wife too. when he was sailing his trading journey, his ship landed throughout the beach close to atiny low village. the villagers recognized him. the news ran fast within the city ; “malin kundang has turned out to be rich and currently he's here”.

an recent lady ran to firmly the beach to firmly satisfy the new rich merchant. she was malin kundang’s mother. she wished to firmly hug him, released her sadness of getting lonely once thus long time. unfortunately, in the event the mother came, malin kundang who was in front of his well dressed wife and his ship crews denied meeting that recent lonely lady. for 3 times her mother begged malin kundang and then for 3 times he yelled at her. at last malin kundang same to firmly her enough, recent lady ! i even have never enjoyed a mother like you, a dirty and ugly lady ! once that he ordered his crews to firmly set sail. he would leave the recent mother once more other then in that point she was full of each sadness and angriness.

finally, enraged, she cursed malin kundang that he would flip inside stone if he didnt apologize. malin kundang barely laughed and very set sail.

within the quiet ocean, suddenly a thunderstorm came. his huge ship was wrecked and finally it was too late for malin kundang to firmly apologize. he was thrown by your wave away from his ship. he fell throughout the tiny island. finally it was very too late for him to firmly avoid his curse. suddenly, he turned inside stone.

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